3 Tips For Working Out On The Geaux!

Meredith here, sharing some of my favorite super easy tips to get your workout on the geaux! When I travel I do these 3 tips each time to make sure I personally stay on track. The golden rule is to not go more than two days without working out, so I try to follow this rule for myself. I understand working out can be difficult on the geaux but with these three tips, I hope this helps you out!

Don't Stop Just Geaux Rule #1: Once you've planned out your vacation or time away, my best advice is to schedule out your workout schedule ahead of time. Create an itinerary for yourself for the days you'll be away. Search for local workout classes, running areas in your destination, and find out what your hotel gym looks like. Plan out what workout's you'll do and book them online ahead of time if your attending classes to keep yourself accountable.  When I take trips, personally I love trying out new classes where ever I geaux on trips or finding where the locals go for a run.

Don't Stop Just Geaux Rule #2: Pack the essentials, no excuses. Make a checklist if needed, so you don't forget when you're in a rush packing last minute because let's be honest. I'm not the only one packing right before a trip. What to pack? Let me tell you, keep it simple.

  1. Running Shoes
  2. Workout Clothes
  3. On the geaux mat like the yogitoes® towel. I literally love this towel yoga brand that I have three of them. The yoga towels help to prevent slipping no matter how much you move or sweat. Seriously love them!
  4. Don't forget your Don't Stop Just Geauxtank. Sorry I had to plug it! :)

Don't Stop Just Geaux Rule #3: I get it; if you're really strapped for time but you really want to work out but not sure what to do. I'm giving you my secret routine I do when I'm away and doing my thing in the hotel. It's just you rocking the best on the geaux routine, I promise you'll be happy you did it and be sure to bring yourself a large towel or the yogitoes towel, you'll thank me!

  1. If you haven't already download yourself some music on Itunes or Spotify, do it! 
  2. Now that you have a great playlist, let's get to stretching. Please allow 10-15 minutes to really warm up those muscles.
  3. We are going to focus on our abs, legs/glutes, and arms with our on the geaux workout.
    1. Abs: simple elbow to knee crunches-- shoulders and back flat on the mat, knees bent. Twisting opposite elbow to knee (example: right elbow to left knee), touch your toes-- lay flat on the mat and lift your legs straight up with toes flexed up towards the ceiling, and simplyroll up crunch-- Love the roll-up crunch, lay completely flat on the floor and roll up. Repeat these x 20, giving yourself 60 crunches total.
    2. Legs/Glutes: I love working my legs. I could literally squat all day long. To keep these simple, I do simple squats (be sure to keep your shoulders back and knees over your ankles), side lunges -- to be honest I need to do these more. These are great for inner thighs. When you do this workout, you are focusing on your glutes and inner thighs and repeat opposite leg. This last exercise is my favorite, Plié Squat. I love doing these because they focus on your glutes, inner thighs, and increases the range of motion in your hips. Repeat these x 20, giving yourself 80 total squats.
    3. Arms:Flow through these next exercising to increase the intensity. Start with a minute plank hold, push it back in a downward dog, and flow into an upward dog. I would do this series for at least 5-8 minutes.